the culotte

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TOP: Billy & Boo // PANTS: Three of Something // JACKET: Madison Square Clothing // BOOTS: Senso

There’s something about the culotte that I am just so so obsessed with at the moment! I’ve seen them popping up for months but I wasn’t so sure if they would suit me or not. There have been many times where I have popped them in my ASOS shopping cart and have not followed through – mainly because they are so different! However, I was ecstatic when I went through my gifts from Three of Something to find these culottes sitting happily in the parcel. I finally had the chance to give them a go and I didn’t have to worry about buying something that I wasn’t so sure about (which I hate doing lately)!
I’ve certainly made my own personal rule about culottes after styling this look – culottes must be worn with heels and a crop top. It’s not a must for all, but it’s what I prefer for myself. I tried them with flats, I tried them with other tops but I found that they looked their absolute best when styled with heels to elongate the legs. Culottes almost take away from the shape of my legs that I’m looking to show off, so I think it’s important to wear a heel that gives me the extra length that the mid-leg culotte takes away from. Another important thing to mention is that the flare of these culottes is flattering for wider hips yet it will actually shorten the body, so wearing heels is an absolute must. I personally prefer to show a little bit of stomach as so much of my legs are hidden behind the flare of the culotte. I’m not a big fan of wearing baggy/oversized tops with pants that aren’t flattering at all so I counteract this by showing another part of the body and that makes me feel a lot more comfortable!
Mind you, there is no chance that I would wear this outfit on a regular day. This is an outfit for night time where it’s okay to show a little bit of stomach. I am not a fan of showing a bit of stomach throughout the day (yuck)!

What do you think of the culotte?

Photography by Nicholas Murphy

With Love,

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moroccan tiles

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TOP: Three Of Something // PANTS: Nasty Gal

It’s a little something from Three of Something. This beautiful Moroccan Tile Top is definitely ideal for Summer! The spaghetti straps and cropped feel make it seem like you’re hardly wearing a thing and can actually let your skin breathe. I can see it being quite comfortable on those scorcher 40 degree days! I absolutely love this Moroccan print as it’s fresh and something we actually haven’t seen before. Morocco is filled with many beautiful tiles and textures that I have seen on Pinterest and it’s great to see that inspiration on some clothing.
I’ve paired it with the Nasty Gal slit pants for a look I’d wear on a night out with the girls or to dinner. I’d like to wear it with some denim shorts and find the perfect festival look for this Summer but I think I’ll wait for the weather to warm up a little bit!

What do you think of this Moroccan print?

Photography by @georgiathornton

With Love,

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the perfect summer playsuit

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PLAYSUIT: Three of Something – coming soon // BLAZER: Sportsgirl // HEELS: Witchery

It really is one of those playful playsuits that you want to wear every day of the Summer! I got sent this piece from Three of Something upcoming collection and I knew straight away that it would be getting lots of use this Summer.
This playsuit has changed a lot of the thoughts I had in my mind prior to putting it on but once I put it on, I fell in love.

First of all, I’m not usually one to wear playsuits or dresses for that matter. If I’m heading out, you will find me in a crop top and skirt nine times out of ten! Secondly, I’m not a massive fan of the peplum. Somehow, this playsuit has made me want to get my hands on a few more playsuits for the summer and I may even consider peplums. I think what I like most about this playsuit is the deep V neck line mixed with the peplum. The two details compliment each other perfectly and I can see myself wearing this out quite a few times over the next few months! I’m definitely not afraid of being an outfit repeater.

What do you think about the peplum playsuit?

Photography by the beautiful Georgia Thornton.

With Love,

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all white everything

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TOP: Sportsgirl // SKIRT: Sportsgirl // BLAZER: Sportsgirl – only available in Peach

It’s definitely approaching the season where an all white number is completely acceptable, plus it’s easier to wear as we get our summer tans! I can’t wait for the warmer days to roll in and find myself dressing up for dinner in numbers where I can show a little skin and not look absolutely freezing!

I enjoy dressing in monochrome as I find that many colours honestly don’t suit my skin tone – that, or I just don’t like them in general. I’m naturally quite fair skinned so I always have to tan before I can even think about wearing white! This look seems so fresh to me and speaks words of brightness and happiness. I have become quite infatuated with this white blazer yesterday and I have been wearing it almost every day! It was the perfect opportunity to pair it with this beautiful lace shirt and leather skirt. When keeping to one shade I like to mix up textures, that way I get an outfit that doesn’t blend all into one piece. Each piece stands out for itself!

What are your thoughts on mixing textures to make a statement with an outfit?

With Love,

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hump day feelings

It’s hump day and I can’t help but think about the things I like the most – summer, interiors & minimal style

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With Love,


the slit front pant

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TOP: Billy & Boo // PANTS: Nasty Gal // BLAZER: Sportsgirl available in Peach  // HEELS: Witchery

Last week, we were delighted with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and my pick of the week was Designer Runway Two! I picked this show because it features many labels that I recognised and loved already such as Manning Cartell, Willow and Life with Bird.

Lots of planning went into my outfit for this night, I knew it had to be simple with a bit of edge. I had to be minimal but also make a statement at the same time. I came across these split front pants a couple of weeks ago and HAD to have them. I didn’t know if they would suit me or if they would be too long or too short but somehow I scored the jackpot!
It was love at first sight and I knew I had to wear these to fashion week one way or another.

This was the perfect opportunity to pair it with my favourite Billy & Boo criss-cross top and Sportsgirl blazer – two pieces that I am so in love with! I had to keep it black & white because wearing colour is simply not me. It may be fashion week, and you may want to wear the designer, but there is no point avoiding your own style and being uncomfortable. I felt right at home in this outfit and I really enjoyed wearing it. When I stood still (without any wind), it looked like a simple outfit with a wide leg trouser and blazer. However, when it got a little windy, it would reveal the legs in a completely chic way that I adored.

I am OBSESSED with these pants and can’t wait to find more ways to wear them.

What are your thoughts on these slit pants from Nasty Gal?

With Love,


cameo + leopard = cool

Murphy Shoot Picture 1Murphy Shoot Picture 2Murphy Shoot Picture 3Murphy Shoot Picture 4Murphy Shoot Picture 5Murphy Shoot Picture 6Murphy Shoot Picture 7

JUMPER: General Pants Co. // SKIRT: Cameo from The Iconic // SHOES: Witchery

Cameo the Label has done it again with this legendary leopard print! Who would have thought you’d find me in an all colour outfit? I couldn’t resist saying goodbye to black and white and hello to blue and a hint of orange! Yes, orange – can you believe it? Cameo have somehow managed to make these two a match made in heaven. Leopard print is always a trend that goes in and out and I haven’t always been a fan, I find it quite tacky in most cases. However, Cameo has made leopard très chic this season!
I saw this print and had to get it straight away. I spent the night staring at all the pieces in the print deciding which one I could easily put looks together with – the skirt won! I chose to go all out with the skirt in this outfit and pair it with a royal blue knit perfect for the upcoming runways at fashion week, dinner or even suitable for the races if it remains a little chilly! I love this colour overload as it makes such a statement with the pop of colour. The skirt has a hint of royal blue that compliments the knit so perfectly; I couldn’t help but wear them together.

I purchased mine from the Iconic with a cheeky coupon code. I love buying off The Iconic because they always have coupon codes available and their shipping is incredibly fast! They’re definitely my favourite online store to shop at with such a wide range of clothing to choose from! Unfortunately, The Iconic has sold out of this Cameo range however you can still find the full range at Fashion Bunker!

Massive thanks to my photographer, Nicholas Murphy! What do you think of this new look?

With Love,


the miracle mask

It’s beauty review friday and let’s just say… TGIF!

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Today is about a little treasure that I came across about 6 weeks ago. If you’re a fan of Napoleon Perdis, you have most likely heard of the Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Mask. If not, I’ll tell you a little bit about why I love this item so much.
One of my dear friends at work had been going on about this new mask at Napoleon and how beautiful it made your skin feel! It just so happens that I have to walk past Napoleon every time I walk to my car from work so I had to pop in and see what all the fuss was about. The lady just asked me to apply it to my hand and I couldn’t believe how soft it made my skin feel (and how wonderful it smells)! It’s advertised as a mask that I can wear whilst I sleep, however I can also use it under my make up. I chose the latter.
I now can’t go a day without this mask – it makes my face so soft and smooths out the surface of my skin. It’s important to remember that when applying make up, it’s like painting on a canvas and it’s so much easier to apply when the surface is smooth! It really helps applying concealer over blemishes that I really want to cover up and I also save on make up like concealers, BB creams and foundations that glide on so easily when I wear this mask. I wasn’t sure whether I liked the feeling of it on my hands when I first started using it, but the way it softened my face certainly outweighed that feeling!
I’m usually not a fan of spending a bit of money on such a small item that I have no idea about. It was certainly an impulse purchase but was so worth it in the end!

PS loves this Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Mask

With Love,


five minutes with billy & boo

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You may have noticed the criss-cross top that I have taken a fancy to lately from Billy & Boo! I wanted to know a little more about this Melbourne-based label and took five minutes to speak with the Designer & Creative Director at Billy & Boo, Belinda Lapenta.

Belinda was taught the basic techniques of sewing from a young age by her grandmother and at the end of 2013 launched her life-long dream into the clothing label called Billy & Boo.

I thought I’d ask Belinda a few questions about her label and dreams for the future!

1. What made you start Billy & Boo?
Billy & Boo started with me making outfits for friends and family. This gained a lot of exposure and many people were asking where their dresses were from, which then evolved into me deciding to start making dresses and selling them online. In such a small space of time, Billy & Boo has kicked off and has definitely surprised me with the amount of positive feedback and exposure it’s gained.

2. What do you love the most about following your dream and starting the label?

The thing I love most about following my dream of being a designer is that I get to wake up every morning and actually enjoy what I do. I am so passionate about designing and sewing that I get a real buzz seeing a project from it’s beginning stages to it’s final product and on a customer. It’s great! 

3. Where do you get your inspiration for your pieces?
I get my inspiration from everyday things. I might be driving one day and see something out of the ordinary that will spark a few flames and I’ll come up with a really good concept for inspiration! Sometimes, I actually dream of my next project and become inspired in my dreams – when I wake up I suddenly grab my phone and start flowing out a whole heap of ideas before I even get out of my bed! When that happens that’s always a bonus!!

4. How would you describe your Billy & Boo girl?
My Billy & Boo girl is someone who is fashion conscious – she is sleek, sophisticated, she loves to be bold, she is someone who is confident and outspoken, and is always looking for a standout piece.

5. Where do you see Billy & Boo in 5 years time?
In five years time, I see Billy & Boo stocked in boutiques around Australia and some international stockists. I’d also see Billy & Boo stocked in my own boutique here in Melbourne. That is where I am heading with my label and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.

We all aspire to follow our dreams and achieve our goal and there’s no doubt that I would love to be as lucky as Belinda to wake up everyday and love what you do. I can’t wait to see where this label goes as there is nothing better than something handmade with love. I am completely obsessed with my criss-cross top that can be found online HERE

You can follow Billy & Boo at or on instagram @billyandboo

PS. All other outfits to come in blog posts this week!

With Love,


If you wish to use any of these photos for personal or business purposes – please contact Courtney directly at

grown alchemist

It’s beauty review friday and what a week it has been!

I was at Priceline a couple of weeks ago making the most of the 40% off skin care sale when I came across this brand. Grown Alchemist, a new range of organic skin case, has become my new favourite brand.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 12.30.32 am

After 20 minutes of staring at all the products, I finally came to a decision. I went home with the following:
– Hand Wash: Sweet Orange, Sedarwood & Sage
– Hand Cream: Vanilla & Orange Peel
Antioxidant Treatment Serum: Rosehip & Camellia Seed

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I’d always pictured that perfect white bathroom with Aesop products at the sink but this will do, for now. Some might think, why would you pay $30 for a hand wash? Good question, even my mum asked me. But, at 40%, I just wanted to give it a go. So many hand washes dry my skin out and I hate the feeling afterwards. With this hand wash, it’s like I don’t even need the hand cream. However, the two are a match made in heaven! I have never been so impressed with a hand wash & cream duo before. It’s so rare for me to find one that actually keeps my hands soft and nice to touch!

I’ve been having a little bit of trouble with my skin lately, especially my forehead. I’ve been looking for that one item that just makes it all better and I’ll be honest, I think I’ve finally found it!
It’s taken a few years to get a skin care routine that actually works wonders for me. My skin is a combination and very sensitive so I have lots of trouble with the typical recommendations like proactiv, nutrimetics, dermalogica and the like. I gave the Antioxidant Treatment Serum a go and I was amazed from day one! I’ve heard many things about Rosehip Oil and I’ve always wanted to give it a go. Rosehip Oil is known for it’s healing powers that deeply nourish the skin as it’s filled with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. It’s said to help with uneven skin tone, blemishes, dry skin and skin suppleness. I can vow. I usually wake up in the morning with pink cheeks and a completely uneven skin tone!

With Love,



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